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Show DivEpigen™ appears to be beyond my budget, can you help?

You do not need to feed Epigen™ at every meal to derive benefits from it. Feed it as an occasional meal and combine it with inexpensive fresh foods from the grocer. It can even be used as a booster for low protein, less expensive commercial pet foods.

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Show DivIs Epigen™ expensive?

At first blush it may seem so when compared to starch-based pet foods, but it is actually a bargain and here's why --

Epigen™ varieties average $3.00/lb.

If you were to go to the grocery and buy the fresh meats of the Epigen™ varieties (Fish, Venison, Chicken), they would cost on average $9.67/lb.

But note this -- fresh meats are 70% or more water. Epigen™ is only about 7%.

In other words, at $3.00/lb for Epigen™ you are receiving the nutrition of $90.00 of fresh meat!

And Epigen™ actually contains far more than the nutrition of meats alone, including:

- Vitamins
- Minerals
- Probiotics
- Prebiotics
- Antioxidants
- and a host of plant based nutraceuticals

Finally, getting your pet away from a continuous diet of starch-based pet foods can yield great health benefits. Avoiding expensive disease care can result in a great savings over time.


Nevertheless, if you cannot afford to feed Epigen™ as a mainstay -- which you really should not be doing with any food continuously -- feed it as an alternate meal and use it as a top dress to boost the health value of more inexpensive foods. Your pet will prosper from it and so too will you.

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Show DivWill this be the only Epigen™ food you make?

No, we are developing an entire line of Starch Free™ pet products, including canned and raw versions. ***Update 1/2011*** Epigen™ Fish and Epigen™ Venison now available. Epigen 90™ release targeted for 3/2011.

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Show DivHow should Epigen™ be stored?

Although Epigen™ is shelf stable at room temperature, for best protection of the fragile nutrients store in the refrigerator or freezer. The package is both a light and oxygen barrier, but once opened it should be carefully resealed. A convenient way to do this is with the Wysong Nutri-Clips™.

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Show DivCan I buy Epigen™ at my local pet store?

Please visit our Stores section on Wysong.net to find your nearby Wysong retailers.

Because Epigen™ is a new product, you should call ahead to make sure that they have the product in stock. If they do not, please request that they start carrying this HONEST AND HIGHLY BENEFICIAL product!

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Show DivI would like to buy Epigen™, but there are no Wysong retailers in my area.

For customers with no local Wysong retailer we provide the option of buying direct from Wysong.

Epigen™ can be purchased via our website -- www.Wysong.net -- and over the phone (800) 748-0188.

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Show DivI notice that the kibbles in the bags of Epigen are not always the same. Why is this?

The perfect consistency you see in conventional dry pet foods is due to the strong binding characteristics of the starches. Since we do not use starches, the nuggets will not bind as easily and this creates the variability you may see. This does not affect the nutritional value and even creates a little more eating interest in pets.

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Show DivYou say that Epigen™ is 60% meat and 60% protein. How can one food add up to 120%?

60% meat refers to ingredients; 60% protein refers to the amount of protein in those ingredients.

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Show DivMore Questions?

If after reviewing the content above and in our "FAQ" section you still have questions or concerns, we want to hear from you -- please email us at Wysong@Wysong.net.

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